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Fluid Dynamics: Projects

The fluid flow determines the convective heat transfer. Besides that, lift and drag forces act on the flown structure. This sometimes leads to mechanical or thermal overload, or also to vibration excitation and noise generation. We use CFD simulation for the following applications:
Teaser Stroemungssimulation V1
  • thermal analysis coupled with fluid flow considering convection
  • in the subsonic range: friction and temperature dependant
  • above the sonic range: frictionless and isothermal
  • combustion processes
We use the results of CFD simulations for thermal analysis, durability investigations and for acoustics.
Flugbahnermittlung 1
flight path
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Thermal Elektromotor 1 englisch
electric motor
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IC Heizplatte 1
IC heating plate
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Brennwertgeraet 2
condensing heat exchanger
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Gaslufterhitzer 3
gas-fired air heater
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